Gates (automated/manually driven) are fitted with sensors to detect intruders attempting to breach or climb them and are an integral component of any security fence system.

The exclusive use of hot-dip galvanized profiles with optional long-lasting powder coatings gives all our gates an excellent protection against corrosion. A broad range of colours is available, enabling the gates to be matched to the surroundings.

Sliding Gates / Swing Gates

The height and width of our gates can be changed according to the fence or to the specific requirements of the project. This allows perimeter security to be aesthetically pleasing, visually cohesive and also very effective.

Bottom Track
Support rail: Self-supporting sliding gates

Special Gates
Special gates, such as telescoping or folding systems in all shapes and sizes can be integrated into the security fence system.
Our Speedgates with their innovative drive technology stand for the future in the modern logistics. Due to the short cycle times of about 1 m/sec these gates are a great option to barrier systems, if it is about high security requirements and high number of cycles.